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Friday, July 31, 2015

Farm Life and Upcoming News!

This summer has been incredibly busy and it's not over yet! We've had our first two farm-to-table weddings and our annual Farm-to-Table dinner here at Timber Hill Farm and we have two more weddings still to go. In just a little over two weeks I start a new job (news on that to be released soon…until then my lips are sealed) that I couldn't be more excited!

Until I can share my job in more detail, stay tuned and enjoy a few quick photos from my summer at home in NH on the farm!

A gorgeous succulent plant at Beans & Greens. 

Watching a pristine sunset with my mom in the meadows where we host our Farm-to-Table events. 

Love the light beaming through the clouds in this shot…also from taken from the meadows. 

We had another Fairy House workshop/Kid's Day at Beans & Greens this spring….This time I wasn't the only fairy though! There were tons of kids running around with wings and tutus on too! 

We caught some fireworks to celebrate the fourth. 

Another shot from the farm. 

The ceremony setup for our first Farm-to-Table event of the year. 

A few quick shots from the first Farm-to-Table wedding. It was amazing, though a little hot. 

Stay tuned for more news on my new job….I'll share as soon as I can. Promise!