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Monday, November 22, 2010

Some photos from Canmore....

Before the start of our second sprint race last thursday. 

Men's mass start on Friday....Russell (#1) and Raleigh (#6), two my MWSC teammates were in this race. Russell in front in the white MWSC suit and Raleigh in the center in the blue suit. 

The Canmore range. 

Women's mass start. 

First shooting of the women's mass start. 

A pretty mountain west of Canmore on the Kananaskis Lakes Road. 

Me skiing toward the range in the first of the two sprint races. 

Prone shooting from the first sprint race. 

Leading Susan (in black) and Tracy out of the range....

A pretty bridge in town. There are walking trails all over the place and one of them goes right over this bridge. This same day there about 30 elk right near this bridge but I was too timid to go into the woods with them to try and get some pictures. They seem to hang around town so we might still get another opportunity for some pictures. 

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