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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jalbert Athlete Residence: Nearing completion!

The house is not completely finished but it’s finished enough to be lived in and I’m all moved in. Phyllis Jalbert did an absolutely amazing job with this place…words just cannot do it justice! Her generosity has taken a concrete form that MWSC athletes from here forward will benefit from in ways that have yet to be comprehended.

My most sincere thanks to you, Phyllis.

A photo journal comparing what it was to the beautiful home it has become:

A sitting area near the back bedrooms

 The two new bathrooms on the top floor (above and below):

The living room before

The living room after a bit of demolition

New living room

Two person bedroom: top floor

Bedroom in the basement


Fireplace that used to be in the basement

The fireplace became a desk station for us to be studious in our free time

Amazing new dining room

Kitchen during demolition

Finished kitchen.....amazing. 

Outdoor view looking down on the front of the house

Old front door. I don't have any new outdoor pictures but they are coming. I promise. 

For now, my teammates are all away at junior events so I am alone in the new digs. Feel free to come visit….I’ll be around and am always happy to have guests! Just give a call.

This week will be filled with unpacking and setting up, doing some PowerPoint stuff for Aroostook county classroom visits leading up to the World Cups in Presque Isle and Fort Kent, training in Presque Isle (great coverage as of Friday morning), Fort Kent (racing here tomorrow…should be fun) and Madawaska (hadn’t skied much there till today…it’s awesome), dealing with car antics (a new battery and jumper cables later and she’s back to running nicely), volunteering for World Cup projects at 10th Mountain, and hopefully new skate boots! 

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