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Friday, July 19, 2013

Maine Team Camp 2013

Last week Fort Kent played host to this summer's Maine Team Camp, six days of training open to Maine juniors who qualified for Eastern High School and/or J2 Championships this past winter. In addition we were joined by most of the MWSC ODT and PG team members, making for a huge and very motivated training group. There were 43 juniors here this year; a record in attendance for the ME Team Camp! 

Large numbers mean lots of training partners and lots of goals to talk through....

Hot weather sent us in search of swimming several times. 

Relaxation on the green after dinner with Sarah Dominick. 

ODT (Olympic Development Team) members were in charge of helping with several aspects of this year's camp. I was given the task of designing Sunday's adventure workout: 2+ hours of running, there must be swimming, there must be mud. We ended up with a 21-location orienteering course with questions worth varying amounts of points at each location. Teams were done by age group according to the new FIS age groups (U16, U18, U23) with a handicap awarded before the start. The winners were two coaches who started with the same handicap as the U16s. 

Some of the ladies crossing back from an island point...

Our two new female PG biathletes, Maddie (L) and Mikaela, show of their lovely (and soggy) outfits and muscles. 

One of the question locations landed in the middle Mud Pond at 10th Mountain. Mud Pond lies in a low spot behind our biathlon range and is a frequent hangout for local moose. It's filled with flies, stinks and is generally just gross. 

Ryan and Kam ponder their attempt on Mud Pond. 

Ryan makes a quick escape after finding the point. 

Becky, Kaelyn, and Natalie dry off in the sun as they go through their answers and decide how many more points they have time to find.

The course had five points that were either near water or required some sort of river crossing so there was a lot of swimming. 

Ryan and Kam making a go at Jacuzzi Falls. The water came down a lot with all the sunny weather this week so the big jumping rock is finally accessible. 

One of the ladies heads for an island, shoes and all!

Dustin takes the leap while Seth looks on...

Daniel and Carter...

We have three weeks of training before the first set of trials races in Jericho at the beginning of August. This week we've been logging the rollerski hours with more still coming tomorrow as we take on a time trial at 10th Mountain. Next weekend we'll head to Katahdin with a HUGE group of juniors. Check back after for some pictures from that trip.  

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