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Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Project for the Road: Skiers to Schools

Tuesday I leave The County (once you've lived here you realize there is only one "County"...thus we refer to Aroostook County affectionately as "The County") for three+ weeks on the road. First to Jericho VT for the US National Biathlon Roller Ski Championships, then home to central NH for a very special weekend with my WHOLE family, and finally to Quebec City for a training camp with our Canadian friends.

Training camps bring lots of down time for recovery but since I can't sleep for all of it I try to bring projects or "busy" activities. Sometimes in the form of knitting or books I want to read. This time my busy work will be creating a "Skiers to Schools" program based on what I've done in Madawaska, Fort Kent and Eagle Lake during the past two school years. These last two years it was just me "adopting" classes in the St. John Valley but with 17 elite athletes spread from Fort Kent down through Presque Isle I can include a lot more classes in the program now! I'm also hoping to get some energetic fans to this year's big biathlon event in The County: 2014 Biathlon Youth/Junior World Championships at the Nordic Heritage Center in Presque Isle.

While I absolutely LOVE competing as a biathlete, my love for the sport is only rivaled by the enjoyment I get out of sharing it with others. Last year I LOVED seeing the smiles on these kids faces as they learned about what I do, followed me from a distance while I traveled the world, and finally got to see it all "for real" right here in The County. And now I'm looking forward to letting my teammates share in that experience with me in the coming months...will your kids join us?

Our cheering section at US Nationals last March in Fort Kent: ALL local kids. 
Outside. Watching biathlon, understanding it, and having fun!

Talking targets and racing with some kiddos at Fort Kent Elementary...

Teaching the importance of teamwork, coordination, and FUN!

Skiing past the normally empty bleachers in Fort Kent that were filled with smiling, cheering faces. The sign (in the picture) hangs in my room reminding me how much fun it was to visit these kids and it's my physical reminder that I can't wait to get it going again this fall. 
 but this time around I can include 17 times more kids!

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