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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Last night we arrived in Canmore, Alberta. We'll call this home for the next 27 days as we enjoy the stellar conditions up at the nordic center in preparation for IBU Cup trials in Minnesota in December. We have two days (today included) left on the Frozen Thunder loop before they open up all the man-made trails they've been working on over the last two weeks.

Frozen Thunder is the name given to their loop of man-made snow that was saved from last year. When they're done making snow at the start of each winter they fill a huge pit with snow and cover it with sawdust and wood chips. This insulates it from the sun and heat of summer. The following October (around the 15th usually) they dig into the pit and spread the snow to make a skiable loop. Right now that loop is about 2.5km long and pretty nice looking. 

Today the crew was out pushing snow around from freshly-made piles. They're hoping to open up the new terrain on Friday which should more than triple the trails that are open from the looks of it. 

What's left of the saved snow pile from last winter….

Raleigh skiing on snow saved from last winter.

Looking toward the biathlon ranges and race stadiums. The mountains here are really spectacular! 

Casey and Raleigh are both going to jump into some Biathlon Canada trials races tomorrow and Friday. I'm going to hold off and focus on getting my feet under me. 

Raleigh…taking in the sun and enjoying the snow. 

Check back for more pictures soon….I'm being careful with the battery life of my ski camera right now since I forgot the charger at home. Fortunately I travel with 2 (yes TWO) cameras so if the little one (that fits in my drink belt so it can come skiing) dies, we can always fall back on the big fancier one. 

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