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Monday, July 7, 2014

June Wrap-Up and July's here!

Apparently I've been a slacker and neglected my blog longer than I'd realized. My apologies. Here's the short of the long that was the remainder of my month of June and the first week of July:

June is lupine season in northern Maine and this year was no exception. They're everywhere and they're gorgeous. 

Seth and I celebrated Father's Day with some friends up the road with a BBQ and some lawn games...

My new work place: the Lakeview! 

Kitties lounging around our house. Eva was psyched with the addition of the air conditioner upstairs this last week (understandably…she is wearing a full-body fur coat) and I caught her sitting right in front of it with her nose in the vent. Too cute. Where's my camera when I need it? 

A flowery trail  during an afternoon recovery run along the river in Fort Kent.

Bike trails make for a great easy distance workout in Presque Isle. 

I took an evening bike ride with these two brothers and found some curious cows on the way (along with a whole lot of mud)! 

More mountain biking adventures around Fort Kent. Hard to keep the smile from your face with all the bright colors and so much sun!

The suspended bridge on my favorite 3 hour mountain biking route from Fort Kent. This was the only place I could stop for a snack without getting munched on by deer flies. Annoying? Yes, but they can't keep me from having fun! 

Adding challenges to shooting practice….

2nd place female in the SW Collins run after my first big week of training this summer. Tired legs still can go fast I guess! 

In the end of June I took a short road trip south, first visiting my older brother Isaac in Newport RI before heading up to NH for a short visit at home with my parents. Isaac is a captain on a boat that sails out of Newport so we spent a bit of time exploring town and got to take a morning sail on his new boat, the Adirondack II

I took a couple of runs while in Newport. The first was along the Cliff Walk, a walkway and trail that runs between the ocean and a bunch of mansions. The views were awesome in both directions! 

One of the two tunnels I went through on the Cliff Walk. 

Shot in the tunnel. 

Where the Cliff Walk becomes less of a fancy paved walkway and more of an adventure! 

Some boats waiting to be refurbished at the local boat-building school. 

View down one of the piers in Newport just before sunset. 

Isaac pointed this gem out to us during our morning cruise….looks a bit like a pirate ship, right? That's because it was in the Pirates of the Caribbean! 

Isaac and Jen, his cutie of girlfriend who joined us for the sail. 

My parents enjoying the sun and cooler temps out on the water...

The view over Isaacs shoulder…he's really got a tough job.

Spotted this HUGE lobster during our hunt for a bar on the water where we could watch the US team play in the soccer World Cup. 

After our short visit with Isaac my mom and I drove north to catch the Phantom of the Opera in Boston. This trip marked my first and second times (ever) driving through Boston NOT as a passenger. The trip south wasn't too bad but heading to the Phantom we hit horrible traffic and got hopelessly turned around. It took us a LOT longer to get to the Boston Opera House than it should have. 
Traffic and the Boston skyline. No, I didn't take this while driving. 

This is the route that we drove to get to the Boston Common where we parked in the new (and very convenient) underground parking garage. It took over an hour. 

This is the route we could have taken. Oops. 

The Boston Opera House. 

In the lobby. It's really nice and has been refurbished in the last 10 years or so. I couldn't take any pictures inside the theater but it was more of the same just much grander and HUGE! 

After Boston I went home for the weekend and managed to cram a lot into just three days at home. A ski walking workout up Gunstock, a roller ski time trial with Gunstock Nordic (the club I grew up skiing with), two evenings at the lake with family and friends, a fairy house-making event during Kid's Day at Beans & Greens, and lots of good farm-fresh food. Hard to beat! 

Fresh strawberries! 

The cow-feeding line at home. They've been getting spoiled with fresh-cut hay and don't care much where it lands when it comes off the truck….

Dinner time! 

Caribbean night at the yacht club with my grandmother, Gisela! 

Fairy-housing in the pavilion at Beans & Greens. There are more photos on the Facebook page for Beans & Greens. We had a ton of kids come through so I can't even begin to post all the photos here. 

My mom got me some wings! 

Posing with one of the little girls who was completely taken with my outfit...

This little one showed up with wings and tutu of her own! 

My ski walking buddy enjoying a break while I take in the view…

I'm back in Maine now for a long training stint before we head to Jericho, VT in August for roller ski trials. This past week was a lighter week in terms of hours but it was quite the test from Mother Nature with the heat she threw at us. 

The new steps heading down to our favorite local swim spot, Jacuzzi Falls in Fort Kent. 

Fourth of July parade crew in Stockholm. 

Ashland Adventure Race on July 5th in the remnants of Hurricane Arthur. It was an adventure alright! 

This week I'm heading down to Sugarloaf with the rest of the MWSC crew for the first Maine Team Camp. I wasn't planning on going till this last week but with so many (30+) juniors attending, Kelsey and I are heading down to help out and get our mentoring hats on. Should be fun! Hopefully we have cooler weather than this past week but if not, my fan is already packed! 

Happy July! 

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