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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The First of Fall

I've had a really crazy few weeks since my last update so this one's a bit late and I apologize. I've done a too much to cover in a blog without it being literally PAGES long so here's a quick summary in photos of the best (and maybe worst) parts of my last month:

The worst part came first when I broke my pinky toe while on a recovery run in Vermont. I stepped down onto a rock that was slanted away from me and slid across it, stopping myself on the rock below with all my weight on the fat, purple sausage in the photo above. Ouch. And even more "ouch" over the last few weeks whenever I've tried to shove it in a sneaker or ski boot. It's getting better though and I've already started running on it some more. 

After my time in Vermont was over I got to spend part of a week at home in NH visiting my parents and grandmother. This is the colorful view from the cut flowers toward the farm stand that my family owns. I LOVE taking pictures there. 

Enjoying a Maine soda on our New Hampshire porch after finishing camp in Vermont. 

The little piggy is all about pumpkins….

Dinner on the lake. Hard to beat the quiet of a late-summer evening on the lake. All the summer vacationers had gone home so we basically had the night to ourselves. It was great. 

Later in the week we went to spend some time on our family's island at the eastern end of Lake Winnipesaukee. Nothing like my feet up on the dock while I…crochet. I've done a lot of crocheting this month but more on that later. 

Kaiya does not like being left out of water activities, especially when it's my mom in the water. 

The trail on our island. 

A friend who stopped to visit and wasn't keen on leaving. 

My shade on a hot, sunny day. Apparently I picked the best three days of the NH summer to be on the lake. 

We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the water. 

Kaiya waiting for a boat ride. 

Fast forward back to Fort Kent, ME. 

Mikaela and I welcoming Hannah (center) to Fort Kent. She's just moved into the athlete house with Mikaela and will be studying nursing at U-Maine Fort Kent, also with Mikaela. 

Our two kitties Luna (L) and Eva don't seem too upset about being in a new house. 

Pinky toe still pretty angry a week post-break. 

Sunrise from our new bedroom here in Fort Kent….not too bad! 

Sunny room for my plants….now they might actually grow! 

View from just down the road on an afternoon road bike ride. That's Canada on the other side…yes, we live ON the border now instead of just near it. 

One afternoon I caught the setting sun shining into our kitchen. It landed on this vase and the flowers were just glowing.  

Recent ammo delivery for our team….apparently bullets come with bows now. 

Racer meeting pre-time trial in Fort Kent. Probably the first ski workout of the fall where I've kept my jacket on for all but the intensity work. 

Cows on a recent mountain biking adventure...

My favorite tree in Fort Kent…it has character, don't you think? 

Crafts have been consuming my free time but it's been mostly crocheting. These earrings were just three of twelve pairs that I took to the Market Street Co-op here in Fort Kent….they're already sold three pairs and requested more! 

Back in early August I got an order for 26 crocheted hats for the Out There shop in Rice Lake, WI. It took me till today to finish them (with some help from teammate Kelsey). 

I broke a hook in the process...

Luna observing my progress from the couch beside me. 

Hats finished and ready to go….

Some photo greeting cards that I also took to the Co-op….these are round two as the first ones starting selling immediately too. 

Harvest is in full swing here in the County and this potato field across the street from our new house has been occupied by multiple trucks and tractors all day. I can't believe how many truck loads (like the truck leaving on the right) have left here today! 

Our next adventure is Utah camp and we'll be there in less than a week so check back soon for updates! 

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