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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mass start

Just a quick update because I don't know how busy I'll be this next week or when I'll get to posting again….

Today was the final day of NorAm #2 here in Canmore and featured Mass Start competitions. The IBU has changed the start format for mass start races so this was the first time we didn't have a double poling zone off the line. I think everyone on our team would agree that it was a much smoother beginning to the race.

While the senior women's category (my age group) was about the same size as every other North American mass start I've ever done, some of the other categories were quite large. The youth races for both men and women were so large that they had to have two waves because there are only 30 shooting points on the range!

My shooting in the race went better than in the two sprints we did yesterday (Saturday) and Thursday. I shot (1,1,2,1) - those are misses so I hit 15/20. My skiing didn't feel as good but the snow was softer (it was almost 40 degrees fahrenheit) and I was tired from the previous two days of racing this week. I finished second of nine women in my race.

Top:The start of the youth women's race (heat 1 of 2)….skating right off the line. 
No more double poling zone! 
Bottom (L to R): Maddie (center) took first in the junior women's 7.5k, Casey (L) took second in the men's 15k, and I (L) took second in the women's 12.5k. 

Tomorrow promises to be a long day on the road as we head east to Minnesota. We have to take a shuttle to Calgary Airport in the morning before catching our flight to Minnesota via a short layover in Denver. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and our bags make it there with us!

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