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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring: Here, There and Everywhere!

This spring has been action packed and very busy for me. Currently I'm at home in Gilford, NH, visiting with my parents and Seth, who came to spend some time working around the Farm. Since the ski season ended I've been in ten different states....I've been all over the place!

Here's a quick list of what I've done/seen but I will try to put up some pictures and more detailed stories about each in the next week or two:
  • Got to ride my new road bike a far it's yellow and black, unmarked. I'm trying to decide if I want to paint it or get some decals of some sort for it.
  • Went "farmstanding" in north-eastern MA with my mom (farmstanding is our own verb to describe when we go out in search of farmstands we haven't been to)
  • Went on a biking trip with Seth and his friend Andy - this trip took us down to PA, VA, NC
    • Biked on Skyline Drive in north-western VA
    • Biked/visited Gettysburg National Park in PA
    • Helped eat the biggest pizza I've ever in Charlottesville VA
    • Tasted wine at Keswick Vineyards in Keswick, VA
    • Camped at Pocahontas State Park, Chesterfield Court House, VA
    • Went to the Outer Banks, NC - built a huge sandcastle but it was so windy that sand was flying so we didn't take any pictures
  • Went to two product shows looking for cool new stuff for my parent's farmstand
    • Black River show in Stowe - My parents and I got to spend a night at the Stowe Mountain Resort courtesy of the show company....that place is amazing!
    • Assoc. Buyer's show - Portsmouth NH - got to taste tons of really good local foods
  • Weeded my moms biggest flower bed at our house. It still has yet to be finished off with mulch and some new perrenials but it's pouring rains so that job is on hold for now
  • Sewed curtains for our giant chicken incubator that now holds 199 very cute yellow fluff balls and one very cute black fluff ball - the chicken company sent us a mystery surprise bird. Can't wait to see what he turns into! I'll try to get some photos the next time I go down.
  • Helped Seth release the wild turkeys that my parents raised from eggs. Hopefully they will find the flock that lives near my house and join up!
  • We have four adorable new calves on our farm and at least six more on the way....I'll try to post pictures!
  • Taught my brother Isaac (older) and his two friends to shoot my biathlon rifle....amusing.
So long as I'm home I can't promise more details or photos from all this, but as soon as I get some down time in the county I'll post a big update with a complete photo journal as well.

Happy Spring!

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