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Thursday, May 26, 2011

tRAINING in Fort Kent….

One of my nordie teammates, also living in Fort Kent, remarked last week that the word “raining” is hidden in what I do almost every day: training. These last few weeks that has been especially true and holds true as I write this. Tomorrow however, the forecast is for “partial clouds” which would lead me to believe that with only partial cloud cover we must be in for some SUN!

Last week was my first “normal” week of training this spring. I say normal because it was the first week I tried to do something every day according to a schedule instead of just doing whatever I felt like. It went well despite being wet for most of it. I did my first track intervals of the year, went on two 3 hour+ bike rides (one mountain biking and the other road), ran on the 4 wheeler trails around Fort Kent a bunch and did strength a few times. One of the really exciting parts of training up here is all the wildlife you see when you’re out and about. Just this last week I think I saw (or heard) 10+ moose, lots of Canadian geese, several rabbits, and a dead fox (on our road bike adventure). The bugs are also starting to make themselves known again….a little less exciting.

Seth and I are working on getting a garden ready to go here in Fort Kent. This past week we planted seeds for a few things and bought some local tomato plants to supplement what I had brought up from home. With it being too cold (and wet) to put stuff out yet, our entryway (a glassed-in porch) has become a substitute greenhouse with all the pots arranged strategically where they’ll get the most sun if it every decides to shine. So far we have peppers (bell and banana), tomatoes (patio and cherry), eggplant (YUCK!), onions (red and Vidalia), peas, and lots of houseplants. My dad also gave me seeds for cucumbers, carrots, beans, squash and zucchini to plant but they will have to wait another week or so until I’m positive there’s no more danger of frost. Things are a little further behind up here than they were down in NH when I left home!

Some pictures from the last few weeks: both at home and here in the County….

My parents are trying their luck at growing potatoes....they should come up here and see how it's done!

The animals at the farmstand chilling out in the sun.....Fluffy the turkey is making friends with her new companions!

New calf is a cutie....he has a heart on his head and is a sweetheart! 

What is it? A budding plant at the farmstand....

Zucchini anyone? My parents grew a bunch of veggies in big pots and some of them are producing fruit sooner than expected!

Big veggies plants in the greenhouses.... mostly tomatoes

Lots of flowers and little green guys already!

Dahlia picture that I played with....

Little chicks in the farmstand... literally just days old here

See the two in the back with the yellow balls on top of their heads? Hopefully they'll look something like the big guy in the next photo when they grow up!

Polish Frizzle Chicken. Sweet. 

View of Katahdin on my way back to the County....still has snow!

Beautiful sunset in Fort Kent

Seth getting some big air by my favorite picnic table on the 4 wheeler trails in Fort Kent. The view from this spot is amazing!

Smiles all around..... nothing beats a nice bike ride!

Pretty sunlight in a field off the 4 wheeler trails

Taking a break on our way to Caribou from Fort Kent. 
Awesome weather. 
Nice bikes. 
Fun times. 

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