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Thursday, September 8, 2011

My last few weeks in photos....

Seth after his first loop at the Fat Tire Festival's new 12 hour ride in Presque Isle at the Nordic Heritage Center. 

Seth and his friend Andy (Farmington, ME) rode as a team, alternating laps of the +/- 1 hour long single track course. It rained all night prior to the event and then into the morning so things got pretty soft and dirty out there! 

Dirty but I think he's still smiling!

After the Fat Tire Festival we headed to Jericho, VT for some rollerskiing and training. After Jericho Seth and I spent a night camping with my family just outside of Vergennes, VT. This is the view from the top of the hill that we camped on, Mt. Philo. That's Lake Champlain in the distance with the mountains of New York state behind it. 

Another view from the top....lots of fields that probably got really wet when Irene came through!

This tractor was spotted through Seth's new camera in the view from the above previous photograph. It's behind the house at the top edge of that field in the center of the picture....can you see it?

More views of Lake Champlain and some pretty clouds. 

My parents enjoying some much needed time away from the farm. 

After Vermont I went home for a few days before meeting back up with my MWSC teammates for our Sugarloaf Hill Camp. This is inside my family's farmstand, Beans and Greens. 

More of the stand...lots of fresh food. Eating at home is always enjoyable!

The view into the store from the barn's original front door. 

The new pavilion that the crew completed this spring.  

Amazing woodwork!

Camping in Freeport the night before our Sugarloaf camp started with a kayak trip. 

BethAnn and I doing some pole walking up Sugarloaf on a gorgeous early-fall type day. 

Seth and I enjoying the view from the top. 

Back at home after Sugarloaf, this time with Seth in tow. We got home just in time to help out with my parent's second Farm To Table dinner in the fields above my house. 

Fresh veggies abound on the farm....this salad was served for the dinner. 

Guests got a ride up to the field on the tractor while behind serenaded by: 

My dad's ski patrol friend Doug Hamilton. 

Appetizers....mmmmm, good. 

Pretty flowers. Yes, also from the farm. 

My parents are all smiles as things kick off smoothly. 

The guests enjoying the delicious food and peaceful setting. 

Dessert....also good, but way too much of it!

We got to spend an afternoon out on our island with some family. 

Kaiya loves the she's sitting on a wind surfer that's laying on the dock supports watching as someone plays in the water nearby. 

My mom lounging in the sun and getting some much need R&R. 

My brother and cousin, Caroline, trying to stand up together on the wind surfer. It's harder than it looks when you have two people on it at once!

Alex, testing his sense of balance by trying to stand on his head while floating on water! Weird sensations abound with that one!

 Me paddle-boarding on the wind surfer with a row-boat oar. It's a little too short to easily reach the water but it was a fun challenge none the less! Even more fun when you get motor boat waves that try and throw you off!
After doing a road race in the morning, Seth and I went to work at Beans & Greens, helping tie things down before Hurricane Irene rolled in. Here's the gang we picked peppers with after harvesting somewhere around sixty (yes, that's 60) bushels of over-sized green and red peppers. My parents are supplying cut and frozen veggies to some local businesses this winter so lots of pepper processing came next!

Back on the home farm hurricane Irene looms in the distance as the sun sets on Saturday. 

Helping with the Anthem retreat at Pineland Farms. We set up a combo workout where the Anthem guests had to race on Ski Ergs and then try to shoot our laser rifles! 

Now I'm back in the county and getting back in the swing of things with a few normal weeks of training before I head to Utah for three weeks in October. The cooler fall weather this week has been amazing. Last night Seth and I went out for a mountain bike that turned into a three hour adventure bringing us home in the dark.  We saw a big bull moose and gorgeous sunset while dodging puddles that were all over the place. The sun today will have dried the trails up a bit. If we get more weather like we had today, it's going to be a beautiful fall! 

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