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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Utah: Bring on the Sun (and thin air)

Our Utah adventure has begun. After a very smooth trip out here, we started our training camp this morning with an easy hike around Deer Valley and a distance classic ski on the bike paths between The Canyons Resort, Park City, and Deer Valley. Here are some photos:
These ponds are right outside our condo here in Deer Valley.

Our condo (the one with the lights on)

The water was reflecting the scenery this morning before it warmed up and the fountains got turned on.

A view looking back toward our condo from the beginning of our morning hike. 

Everyone smiling during a water break. Nothing beats a sunny day of hiking in a beautiful place. 

Most of the trails we hiked are mountain bike trails. This one had some special "furniture" as Will calls it. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be too confident in going down this run. 

Checking out another bike trail obstacle: You can see Seth in the upper right corner of the photo. He's standing on the end of a ramp that sends the rider off and over the trail that everyone else is standing on. The jump landing is down the hill on the left side. Anyone who rides this is absolutely nuts. 

Seth on the end of the jump platform. 

This afternoon we took the bus to the starting point for our easy classic ski....being green and using public transportation. When we got on there were a few people that were wondering what we were doing skiing during the summer. 

The guys on the ride down to The Canyons. 

This dirt jump park was just off the paved recreation path that we skied on. Needless to say, Seth was beside himself with jealousy. I'm thinking he might try to rent a mountain bike before this camp is over...there are too many trails that look like too much fun around here! 

Rollerskiing through a tunnel under one of the main roads in Park City. Their recreation paths are really popular and well taken care of. 

Some art on the side of the rec. path. I like the fish! 

Tomorrow we are going to take the bus to a trailhead down near The Canyons then hike up and along the ridge above the ski areas. It should be about 16 miles and 4 hours of exercise. Lots of uphill (topping out around 10,000 feet) and not much oxygen (by my easterner standards). 
We have the afternoon off from training but BethAnn and I are going up to Ogden, Utah to the U.S. Atomic Ski offices to pick up our new skis. Last week I got my new classic waxless skis which are awesome so I'm really excited to see what my new skate skis are like! 

Check back for more photos and stories soon!

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