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Friday, November 25, 2011

West Yellowstone! Skiing in sunny, snowy Montana!

Sorry for the delay in last few weeks in Maine were very busy before heading out here to Montana. Lots of training and lots of equipment organizing took up the majority of my last days in Fort Kent. I headed out here to West on Sunday, staying the first night with my relatives in Belgrade, MT (just outside of Bozeman) at their ranch at the base of Ross Peak.  

Ross Peak Ranch where I stayed with my dad's family for my first night in absolutely amazing place. 

In the morning I went out with Chum, my dad's cousin, to help feed his cows: scottish highlanders. 

One of the bulls....sporting some seriously impressive horns. 

Another of the boys....another set of impressive horns. Despite the appearance, these guys are gentle giants. They'll come right up to you and visit. 

When Chum feeds his herd he rigs the old farm truck to drive itself across the pasture while he off-loads the hay bales from the flat bed on the back. 

Head down to the lower pasture where the "girls" are....

The ladies eating breakfast....

Looking back toward the ranch from the lower pasture....

Early sunrise on the day of the sprint races here in West....

I made my debut as a waxing tech, helping Will get skis ready for everyone's classic sprint races. Here Will gets things going early before the craziness ensues....

One of my teammates heading out in the skate sprint on Wednesday afternoon...perfect conditions and beautiful weather. 

The biggest hill on the trails: down on the left and right back up it on the right. Check out the view into the distance too! This hill was on both loops of the 10k skate race that I did today....rough but I think I've skied up worse! 

All smiles...sun, snow and sweet new ski attire! Thank you Mt. Borah! 

The next few shots are from my drive up to Fort Kent after visiting home for a week at the end of October. My mom and I took a break to enjoy the sun and gorgeous lake view. 

I promise to take more photos soon but posting them is tough right now as I forgot my camera-to-computer cable. (Yes, my computer is old enough that it doesn't have a memory stick port) When my biathlon teammates come on Monday I will get my cord though and then there will be many more pictures on a much more regular basis. Until then, THINK SNOW! 

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  1. I find it very beautiful all your photos, many congratulations!