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Saturday, January 14, 2012

More races...Jericho, VT Edition:

Today was our second race in the North American Invitational series here in Jericho. I finished second in the senior women's race with some fast skiing but less than stellar shooting. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have my breakthrough on the range here and shoot well for a change! But second is still pretty good...I shouldn't complain. 

Yesterday we had some very interesting weather: rain first thing, lots of gusty wind all day and then heavy snow starting in the afternoon and continuing through the night. The race yesterday morning was rough, to be kind. I missed 7 total, fighting wind the entire race. I skied fast though, putting me across the line in third place despite taking the worst shooting of the race. Again, a podium finish and I should not complain. 

This morning's race was much colder with the high temperature during our race climbing only into the high single digits. I may have underestimated the cold and worn less than I should have....yes, rookie mistake, I know. My hands got really cold by about the time I came into the range for my first standing stage and were pretty much frozen by my second standing shooting. I paid for it on the penalty loop but I've learned my lesson. Tomorrow, for our final race: the mass start, I will be properly dressed and much warmer even though the temperatures are supposed to be colder still. 

After the race tomorrow I'll head to northern Maine, where we have our next races on the MWSC biathlon team's home trails in Fort Kent at 10th Mountain. Check back soon for an update after tomorrow's race and hopefully some photos from here in Jericho. 

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