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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photos from Jericho: 2012 North American Invitational

I'm finally back in Fort Kent after a long hiatus. I think I left here sometime around the 17th of November so it's been a while. This morning we skied up at 10th Mountain and it was awesome so I'm really looking forward to the NorAm Cup here this coming weekend. It should be really great!

Here are some photos from last weekend courtesy of Kal Husain....the father of one of the MWSC Development Team biathletes. Thank you Kal!

The Ethan Allen Biathlon Club had everything ready to go despite the thin snow conditions earlier in the week. The National Guard came through with snow making and lots of work in the stadium. 

Getting ready to head out in the sprint: something must not be tucked in just right...

Out of the start...

Prone in the mass was really cold!

Leaving the range during the mass start...

Oh yes...the penalty loop. Skied that more than I would have liked to this weekend but shooting in the wind will do that!

Putting my poles back on as I leave the range again....

Heading for the finish...

Check back later this week for pictures and updates from Fort Kent....conditions are great up here so it should be a really good weekend!

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