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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chillin' in "the Shire"

This week I'm on the road yet again. We are at Super Tour Finals and distance National Championships in Craftsbury, VT and I am the official cook. That's right....I'm not racing. Was that a tough decision for me? Yes. Of course it was. I love racing but when I'm tired and just not moving well anymore, it's time for a break. So after Canadian Biathlon Nationals I covered my race skis and decided to act only as a spectator and supportive teammate here in Craftsbury. 

So far the racing has been exciting to watch but maybe a little less than stellar to participate in (maybe I made the right choice after all?). With unseasonably warm temperatures across New England this winter Craftsbury has been reduced to a 2.5k figure-eight loop (yes, figure-eight....some serious confusion ensued when people tried to figure out how that was going to work) or the 1.5k sprint loop. There has been no warming-up on the course and only a 15 minute slot before the race started for racers to test their kick this morning...nothing more thrilling than mass start wax testing! To Craftsbury's credit, there's no skiable snow anywhere else in this state so their snow-preservation project is an accomplishment. They've done a great job keeping their ribbon of snow deep and clean enough for these events to actually go off although I must admit that I have my doubt about the distance races next weekend. Oh yeah....50k on a 1.5k course...ya...that's 33 loops! Today, for the 10k/15k mass start classic event, it was in the 40s and lightly raining most of the day but hopefully Mother Nature will help out with cold temperatures tonight. Craftsbury Outdoor Center has promised to make snow tonight if the temperatures allow...snow-making in March! 

Highlights so far???

-Mike loaned me his knee-high camo waterproof boots this morning so I wouldn't freeze while helping with waxing and cheering in the rain....THANK YOU MIKE! 

-Watching a certain collegiate ski coach crawl on hands and knees across the snow-ribbon after being told repeatedly not to "walk" across the trail....soooo funny. Apparently bare-foot is also acceptable...they just don't want muddy boots on the trail. 

-Hanging out at one of our two houses here in Craftsbury....most gorgeous spot ever. It's at the end of a dirt road, cape-style farmhouse, on hill, with a view. Love it here. 

So long for now from Craftsbury....maybe if I find some faster internet soon I will update again with some pictures. Now it's time for me to get back to my cookin' duties. Tomorrow? Potential trip the Cabot factory just down the road! CHEEEEESE!

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