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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I closed out a fun week helping and cheering my teammates in Craftsbury with the final Fast & Female event of the winter season. Craftsbury did a great job organizing and had a huge group of girls show up. I actually didn't do much skiing this time but instead stood in as the token athlete for the parent forum. It went really well and definitely opened my eyes to how seemingly challenging it might seem to have kids going through our sport.


This week I'm back in the County until the end of season celebration on Saturday afternoon at Four Seasons Trails in Madawaska. If you're around, be sure to come join the fun!

Sunday it's back on the road for me as I migrate home for a couple of weeks before Seth and I take a biking (road and mountain) vacation to Virginia for a week. I'm looking forward to fresh lettuce out of my parent's greenhouse ('s ready to eat!), gardening at home, visiting with my family, and hiking adventures with Kaiya, our jack russell and household princess (in my absence of course)!

Last on-snow ski adventures of the year in Fort Kent....65+ degrees and wonderful!

The middle school racers had 75 degrees for their skate championships at Four Seasons in Madawaska. The shorts and sunglasses came out in full force! 

Anya happy with her lucky braids and t-shirt on!

Men's 15k classic mass start at Super Tour Finals in Craftsbury....

Women's 10k classic mass start. 

Craftsbury is a pretty place....a lot like The County....rolling hills, lots of farming, and lots of dirt roads. 

What's on the docket now that there's no snow (well almost...Mother Nature can't seem to decide when she should stop dropping flakes on us)? Planning, goal setting, and recharging. And fighting off my standing end-of-season head cold. No worries though....cup of tea in hand, I'm feeling better already!

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