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Thursday, May 10, 2012

One truck, eight bikes, and four crazies.

After a few weeks galavanting around "Southern" New England, I am finally back in The Valley. Real training is full-on and my plans have been set for the majority of my summer.

Before you read about my bike trip in Virginia, here are some photos from my last few weeks away from The County including my first week and a half at home in NH: (click on any photo to view it larger in a slide show format)

This is how Mother Nature felt about me driving 8.5 hours home to NH a few weeks ago. 
Nope. Try again another day. 

Dinner on the new porch that my dad helped his yacht club members build. Beautiful. 

Baby chickens! Soooo darn cute!

I let my creative side shine for a bit while I was at home. I made an arbor and a fairy house for the gardens at Beans & Greens. 

My fairy house...Swiss Family Robinson style. 

My mom and I found some spring while visiting a greenhouse in southern NH.

Perfectly flat Lake Winnipesaukee. 

Last week Seth and I returned from our latest adventure on the road. A partial repeat of last year's spring trip, this year we drove south to Virginia for more biking. While last year took us all over the place (too much driving), this time around we opted for a "home base" at Massanutten Resort, a little alpine mountain nestled up on the eastern side of the Shenandoah Valley. We were joined by Seth's hometown friends, Andy and Sarah.

We spent one of the rainy days visiting Massanutten's indoor water park....lots of fun for big kids too!

My vantage point hiking my bike up a was totally worth it though; 
the way down was immaculate single track. 

Pretty day riding south from Massanutten on quiet roads through huge (and GREEN) farms. 

Another nice ride in the Shenandoah Valley...lots of smiles!

The big red truck and all eight of our bikes!

We rode around Lancaster County Pennsylvania for an afternoon on our way back north. I'd say there's a good possibility that we ride there next year. The Amish keep beautiful farms and the roads were amazing for road biking. 

That's all for now.....check back soon for updates from my next adventure: 
BEND, Oregon! 
Yup, that's right....we're going skiing on real SNOW in MAY! 

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  1. You got pretty close to my home town! I live 1.5hrs from Lancaster, and we used to go for 4th of July vacation every summer. Nice area...just not great weather in the summer for training without melting. :)