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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fresh flakes in Bend!

Yup, that's right! It snowed last night and into our workout this morning! Fresh snow in the end of May!

The groomers here at Mt. Bachelor did a great job tilling up the old snow last night so the trails were good and hard this morning with just a dusting of soft, fresh snow on top. We had some intervals on tap today; Welly with the U.S. Ski Team guys and me on my own. We have just two more days of training out here before we head back east on Saturday morning. Hopefully the weather will be clear enough for one more good view of Mt. Bachelor's peak before we head out.

Pictures, as always:


I continued my photo collection of old/sweet cars here in Bend...these three are all within a block of our rental house. The bottom one is for sale...$900 anyone? 

The drive up this morning...we hit ice and snow on the road really early. 

Seth and I are all smiles after a great ski.

Some shots taken from the video that Seth took during my L3 intervals. 

One more shot of my earlier intervals and Welly, happy to be done but probably also psyched with the ski conditions. 

The drive back down to town. 

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