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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bend! Back on snow....

Two days ago Welly, Seth, and I arrived in Bend, Oregon for a two week camp of skiing up at Mt. Bachelor. We've skied twice now and skiing couldn't be better...they have a ton of snow left! We have a sweet condo rented right near downtown Bend that came complete with bikes to tour the area on. There are tons of bike and walking paths around and the weather so far has been great.

Pictures, as always.

Welly and I were noticing yesterday that there are a lot of huge trees around here. This afternoon I went for a jog through a park near our condo and discovered a HUGE willow tree. I will try to go back and get a picture soon. 

The trails at Mt. Bachelor are in great shape. I didn't realize just how much snow was up there until I started looking at the holes melted out around the trunks of the trees....some of them have to be in excess of 8 feet deep! Again, I didn't have my camera with me when I was noticing that, but I'll try to carry it with me one of these coming days. The snow on the trails holds up fairly well for the first half of our ski sessions and then, if the sun's out, things break down and get soft pretty fast. This morning we went up earlier to ski the frozen corduroy before it got too warm. 

The parking lot has huge walls of snow on all sides....

 The alpine area is still open and entirely snow covered! 

This afternoon Seth and I went on an exploratory bike ride and discovered these rock men in our neighbor's yard....

Capturing the nature of the area with a rock biker...

More pictures from our bike ride around town including a crazy kayak sculpture. 

Having fun and thoroughly enjoying this training camp in a new place! 
So far Bend is great...I'm really glad I came!

Check back soon for more photos! 

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