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Sunday, May 20, 2012

More from Bend...

As promised, here are a few more pictures from our last couple of days here in Bend. The weather here is amazing. Not always sunny but when it is cloudy, it's still nice. Today we did a long classic ski that turned out great. Usually when we arrive up at Mt. Bachelor in the mornings the trail is frozen solid. Rock hard corduroy. Last night it was cloudy so this morning the trail hadn't frozen, making the classic skiing awesome!

Yesterday Welly, Seth and I went on an off-track adventure into the land behind the Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center. We followed some snowmobile trails up a ways until we found some fun terrain to scope out for a bit. While it wasn't quite the crust skiing we were all hoping for, as the sun has melted the snow surface into a bumpy mess, it was a good exercise in balance and agility!

Unfortunately the difficult conditions also helped Welly break a ski on our way back down, adding to the challenge for him. I must say though, Welly is pretty good at the one-ski scooter push and he's pretty agile in the woods that way too! 

Yesterday afternoon was Bend's 2012 Pole, Pedal, Paddle race. They start with an alpine run from the top of Bachelor down to the base where competitors switch to nordic skis for an 8km tour of the nordic trails. From there it's a 25 mile bike downhill to town where they transition again, this time for a 5 mile run. The last leg is the paddle....your choice of boat so long as it has unfixed paddles. After the paddle it's a half mile sprint on foot to the finish. Our new teammate Kris Freeman (also of the U.S. Ski Team) took the win in his first attempt.

The transition area from nordic ski to road bikes...waiting to be filled with expensive time trial bikes on race day. 

Kris holding off the competition on the paddle leg. 

Tomorrow we have our one day off during our stay here in Bend so we're trying to decide what to fill our day with. Shouldn't be hard to find something fun...there's a lot going on in this town. Maybe we'll rent a pedal-powered buggy!

Seth and I found some sweet pedal-powered rigs after watching the Pole, Pedal, Paddle. This one can hold up to six people! Four adults pedaling and two kids in the yellow seat on the front! 

Seth couldn't quite get his arms all the way around this one...
Still can't believe how many huge trees are around here!

There seem to be a lot of neat old vehicles on the roads around here. This truck is just the beginning of my photo collection of them! Check back in a few days for more!

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