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Monday, June 4, 2012

Back in The County...

Our final days in Bend brought rain in town and falling white stuff up high at Mt Bachelor. The skiing was more challenging but that didn't damper the excitement of fresh snow in the end of May. Here are the last few pictures from our trip followed but some of the latest from Maine! It's good to be back...I do love the West but I also crave leaves, green grassy fields, and yes, rain. On occasion. 

***Click on any photo to view them all in a slideshow format. 

Double yoked-egg for breakfast anyone? 

View from the passenger seat on the way to Mt. Bachelor....lots of white and more coming down. 

Lowell Bailey, US Biathlon Team, and the view from the lodge after my last the end of May! 

Welly trying to will his stuff into his ski bag. 

Our first plane of the day....although I still wouldn't say I "like" them, I would say I'm tolerating these little planes a lot better. Flying from Portland, Bangor, and Presque Isle will do that to you...

Looking across at Mt. Hood from my seat on the plane.

And we're back in Maine. Seth, Nick Michaud, and I went for a road bike ride a few days back....this was a very green view towards St. Agatha and Long Lake. 

And the result of riding with the sun at my side for a while?....yup, a very attractive tan line. 

I've been working on a project for the MWSC biathlon program, putting together a (rather large) packet of information for new coaches and parents. Can you label all the parts of a biathlon rifle? 

What's up next? My new stock and barrel! That's right....I'm getting a new biathlon stock and barrel from Altius Guns (in West Yellowstone, MT). It's supposed to be here tomorrow (I've been hitting the refresh button on the tracking number all morning) so check back soon for pictures and an update on that! What else? Hmmmm....More biking, running, rollerskiing and shooting of course! 

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