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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Enjoying my share of November...

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November can be a tough time of year for me. After our fall camp in Utah I'm usually used to sun but have maybe also had a small tease of snow. Coming back east means cold, damp, wet weather and there's not always snow right off. And the time change...that wonderfully dark afternoon on the first day of daylight savings. This fall has been no exception but with only two weeks worth of eastern November coming my way I'm getting through it just fine.

Sometimes rainy, cold, dark Novembers can make me feel a little like this.

After returning from Utah I got to spend a few days in Mid-coast Maine with my parents. We explored the area a bit before heading out to North Haven Island for the annual MWSC Lobster Roller Ski Race. The race went really well for me. I finished first in the women's race, besting the field by two and a half minutes. I would have been 17th in the men's race.

We found Recycle Art our first afternoon near the coast. It's in Waldoboro, ME and worth the stop. We trekked all over this guys yard to see his recycled creations...they were soooo fun to look at. He does an amazing job of using other people's discarding metals to create his own art. I can't even tell you how many creatures he has spread across his property. It was definitely a highlight of my mid-coast experience and I'd recommend a visit to anyone!

The helicopter blades actually turned!


That's an earwig on the left...hate to meet one that big that was alive!

If you're ever heading to or near Waldoboro, ME, this place was worth the stop. Here's the sculptor's website: Recycle Art

This year's North Haven trip was special for another reason too though. I found out that I have family (that I didn't even know I had) who live there. We got to meet my dad's cousin Jamie, his wife Nancy, and two of their four kids (my second cousins), Joan and Quincy. It's kind of fun to find out that I have family living so close by and I didn't even know it! Looking forward to next year's return trip to North Haven already.

A pier and an old water-side warehouse on North Haven.

A warehouse at the docks on North Haven and the harbor master's houseboat. We met the harbor master while we were exploring. This winter he's planning on insulating his houseboat and adding a heater so he can move in earlier in spring and stay on later in the fall.  

Some pretty views from the island. A beautiful little cove on the west side of North Haven and I love the building on the has a ships stern built on the end of it! 

A magnetic micro Geo Cache my mom and I found on North Haven....tiny. For those who aren't familiar, geocaching is a global GPY treasure hunt (visiting Without even looking on the site I can promise you there are geocaches hidden closer to you than you know!

With little more than a week to go before I leave again, this time for SNOW SKIING in West Yellowstone, MT, I'm getting my life here in Fort Kent organized for the start of racing season. Last minute visits to the grade school classes that I've adopted this year, waxing new skis, fixing my ski bag, putting summer clothes away, and getting ready for winter. November is a busy (cold, wet, dark) month! 

Have you done your daily snow dance yet today! 

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