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Sunday, November 25, 2012

West Yellowstone: Update #2 (with pictures!)

This morning I woke up to snow falling outside! Although it's not supposed to amount to much, it's such a wonderful change. On tap for today: laundry, reading, starting a knitting project, and a trip across town in search of postcards and honey. And updating this blog with photos from the past week. Enjoy and as always, remember that you can click on any of the photos to view them all in a slide show.

Raleigh and Emily rock the Mt. Borah MWSC wear at the West Yellowstone Ski Festival Fashion Show in front of a packed house. 

Welly getting his wax tech on in our MWSC trailer.

MWSC truck and trailer parked in front of our condo. I've caught several people stopping to stare and photograph the pair, presumably because they're never seen vehicles from so far east?

West Yellowstone: the only place I've ever been where they don't really seem to care if the roads are covered in solid ice. 

The icy road in front of our condo reflecting a little late afternoon sunlight. 

This pretty field is just down the block from us...seems to be the popular spot for dog walking and early morning/late evening recovery jogs. 

And maybe for pretty sunsets as well. I can see why Montana is called Big Sky Country. 

We shared a special Thanksgiving dinner with BethAnn and two of her Paralympic skiers, Kevin and Omar. Lots of good eats and smiles all around. 

Welly and Hilary improvising for a little strength workout here in the condo. 

And Emily watching as the foolishness unfolds. 

A lone photo from the uphill 9k skate race we did on Friday. The course was closed to spectators and open only to coaches skiing in the correct direction. Thanks Will for capturing my first race of the season. It was a tough way to kick things off: apparently three days prep is not enough at 7,500 ft. of elevation. On the up side, hopefully that means that racing in Minnesota will feel a whole lot better. 

Stay tuned for more pictures: I promise I will attempt to take more photos as this trip continues to unfold. For now, we wait and see how much it snows here before deciding if we can stay put and ski the town trails or if a move to Bozeman and Bohart Ranch is in order. 
Get your Snow Dance on!

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