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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One more day then HOME!

The last few days of our Utah trip have been sunny and very nice, although a bit cold in the morning. It's definitely a challenge getting dressed for a rollerski when you head out and it's 30 degrees but you know it'll end up being close to 70! I am becoming a "layering queen"!

We had our first of two time trials yesterday at Soldier Hollow. My race was tough but had some good points to be pulled out. I shot clean (missed none) in prone and did it quickly. In the standing stage my shots were all placed similarly, just not quite on the target (I missed 3). My skiing was not as fast as I would have liked but in looking at the course and how I skied it, I can make some changes for our race tomorrow and hopefully improve my performance. So I'm looking toward tomorrow and improving on everything....except maybe my prone shooting: that can stay the same and I'll be pretty happy!

Some photos from Fast and Female (sorry....little late in coming):

Fast and Female ambassadors: an impressive group of ladies including Olympic and World Cup medalists in several different winter-related sports. 

Some of my 11-year olds decorating our group poster at the start of the afternoon. Surprisingly enough, of the eight girls with me, only one was actually born here in Utah. We had representation from Washington DC, Oregon, California, Ohio, New Hampshire (2 including myself), and North Carolina. 

BethAnn and Andrea selecting sparkles and stickers to help their groups decorate posters (and in BethAnn's case, her face - her group spilled a glitter container, which lead to her coming home absolutely covered in sparkles)

The whole group....lots of pink shirts and smiling faces

My group playing a game at the start of the afternoon.....

Decorating our poster...lots of color, lots of sparkles. 

In other news....Park City has a great farmer's markets every Wednesday that BethAnn and I have been to twice. I won't go today, as we are leaving tomorrow to fly east again, but I am looking forward to spending a few days at home and eating my fill of farm-fresh foods from my family's farmstand for the next week! Can't wait! 

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