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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Twice in ONE DAY!

Yep, I'm posting again. Twice in one day.

There are some really different plants around here....some swamp-dwellers and thistle that gets really pretty (and HUGE)! This purple thistle was probably about the size of my palm. 

Seth and I went on an amazing hike into some aspens above Park City this morning and I wanted to share the photos. Enjoy! 

An old outhouse from mining days? It didn't have a hole though so who knows what it used to be. 

Seth standing next to a lift trestle from the old ore transport system from Park City's days as a mining town. 

Aspens. Really pretty. 

More aspens. 

Single track trail through the aspens....the ground was covered with leaves everywhere. 

Lots of funky trees up there.....

A wrinkled one....

One with moose tracks on it....

More pretty leaves....

And more funky trees....

There's still snow on top of Guardsman Pass despite all the amazing sun we've had this past week. 

On our way back down via an alpine ski trail....Seth taking the lead. 

It's getting colder out here...lots of little plants covered with frost this morning. 

And another aspen. They were pretty...I couldn't help it. 

Some grasses catching the sunlight on our hike back down.

Tomorrow we race again and then Friday we head east. Hopefully we can bring some sun and nice weather with us when we go. 

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  1. Sounds like a great camp! You are quite the photographer!