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Friday, February 17, 2012

Staying busy in The County....

These last few weeks have been filled with wonderful skiing but also with lots of activities. I helped instruct at Aroostook Women's Ski Day in Presque Isle, have visited Madawaska Elementary School a handful of times, helped out at a few high school races in Madawaska and Presque Isle, skied with middle-schoolers in Fort Kent, done my one-and-only classic (double-pole) ski race of the season, and enjoyed some great weather. always:

First, a shout out to Atomic because my new Skin-Tec Waxless Classic skis are AMAZING! They are truly a biathlete's dream come true. We can't step on our shooting mats with sticky kick wax on our skis and fish scale skis are un-fun. But these are awesome. Everyone should have some. 

Not to mention that they just look plain awesome. 

BethAnn and I went for a tour at Aroostook State Park a little while back...the trails are in great shape and we got to witness some igloo building at the campsites. Cool stuff! 

 Visiting with the Madawaska Elementary School PE classes...outside on SKIS! 

Visiting Madawaska Elementary again....this time for After School Ski Club! 




We had a great time....always helps when it's not frigid out! The kids enjoyed some games (Feral Cats and Sharks and Minnows) and then we toured the trails and took on the downhills!

Aroostook Women's Day this year was a HUGE hit...I think we had around 100 women out on skis if you count volunteers and instructors. We also got really lucky with the weather....while it was chilly, the SUN came out! 

I couldn't resist the urge to break out my tutu. I only get to wear it so often these days....

Setting course for a skating agility and cornering course...

We began Women's Ski Day with the best Zumba session I've been a part of...jumping around in the snow with great music blasting can get me warm even on a cold day! 

What's next? 

Aroostook County has a whole slew of events coming up: 
Check out the Aroostook Outdoors site for a full line-up but here's what looks like fun to me: 

2/24 is Middle School Racer Day at Nordic Heritage in Presque Isle....lots of fun for middle school racers...I'll be there so come join me for some fun! 

2/25 is 10th Mountain's Women's Ski Day in Fort Kent and Aroostook Family Fun Day at Aroostook State Park. 

2/26 is Aroostook Cup #5 at Caribou High School at 11 am and Aroostook Cup #6 at Caribou Country Club at 1:30 pm. 

3/3 is Aroostook Youth Ski Festival at Caribou High School Trails....this is definitely the most fun kids event of the winter! Don't miss it!

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