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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Minnesooooota: Two down, one to go

Tomorrow is our last IBU qualifier race here in Minnesota and I'm hoping for a good one. So far I've notched a 3rd in the sprint and a second in the pursuit. One more good one, preferably a win, would put me in a good spot. The snow at Mt. Itasca has been really good considering that they've got none of the real stuff on the ground yet. The courses are in great shape, even if they are quite hard. The last hill on the loop is called "The Waterfall" and usually it's a downhill but this year they mixed it up and we get to climb it instead. Makes for a good challenge and will definitely continue to separate the weak from the strong, both on skis and on the range. We shoot right after climbing it, although there is a downhill between this crest of the hill and the range but it's short and fast, providing very little recovery before you hit the mat on the range. 

Wish me luck! Hopefully tomorrow goes well!

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